Return Policy

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The products in this webshop are printed on demand. And as such, the European Directive with regards to online purchases does not apply to the products bought at Mangateez. Products bought can not be returned, unless there is a clear defect with regards to the product.

Products already worn, washed or in some other way used never will be accepted for return.

Before you return any product however, first contact our customer service. Only returns with a valid return code will be accepted. Most likely you will be asked to send pictures of the product.

To ask for a return you have to go to ‘My Account’ and open the specific order. Here you can open the ‘Return’ form. A return has to be registered within 7 days after delivery. If the return is accepted you’ll get a return code and you’ll be instructed how and where to return the product. Only returns with the return label found with your order will be accepted, so please keep the label.

When a return is accepted, you need to keep a proper proof of postage, preferably a track and trace code of the transporter. If for any reason the package does not arrive at the destination and you do not have a proper proof, there will be no refund.

Please note that the return address can differ per product.